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Ronald Bwayo known to many as BWAYOS THE DISCIPLE BTD was born in the year 1986 to a family of eight. His proud parents Godfrey Khaukha and Florence Nakami did their best to educate Ronald and therefore took him to Nauyo primary school where he undertook his P1 to P7 education. He excelled at this level and furthered his education to O- level at Bukedi College Kachonga. He then went on to complete his A- level education at Mbale Senior secondary school. Ronald Bwayo happened to be an extremely talented teenager. In his high school years he stumbled on his first talent, dancing. Ronald Loved dancing to Lingala music; an indigenous African style of music that has its roots in Congo. Armed with his enigmatic dance skills Bwayo went on to win competitions and gain an audience. While still in High school, Ronald discovered a deep attraction towards rap. This would later grow into a passion and a career as fate would have it. Ronald started off with humble beginnings as all the greats in the music industry did, so he begun with high school freestyle rap. Time, hard work and precision all together seasoned Ronalds freestyle skills to the level that he could compete professionally. Ronalds family had been experiencing financial constraint around his high school years and hence found it strenuous to fund his tertiary education. In 2006, he travelled to Kenya in search of greener pasture. He joined Parklands Baptist Church (P.B.C) in the same year. Ronald gave his life to Jesus Christ in December of 2006 and he testifies that since then, his life has never been the same. In the year 2008, He enrolled into a youth ex- candidates program dubbed INDA that is run by the Parklands Baptist church. This rigorous program saw him attain certificates in Business management, Sales and marketing and First aid (from Saint Johns Ambulance). Later in the same year (2008) Ronald went on to attend training at a D.J school offered by P.B.C. He now possesses profound knowledge and experience in Sound Engineering and management, and D.J skills. In December of 2007, Bwayo attended a Teens camp hosted by P.B.C dubbed Camp Flamboocha at Lake Nakuru National Park. This camp served as the onset of Ronalds gospel music career. He continued writing music as his excitement and passions for his new found ministry served to nature and season his rapping and hip hop skills. Armed with these, Ronald participated in a talent search competition called THE BREAK TALENT SEARCH, and as fate would have it, he emerged 1st Runners up. This achievement won him the reward of a recording deal for one song. At the time, Ronald was Part of a musical group called PHABETIKS and he decided that his first recording deal would go to the group. They released a song Called HAITOSHI. In the year 2011, Rowland left PHABETIKS to pursue his dreams as a solo artist. This venture saw him successfully record hit singles like WALOKOKA, B.T.D, OMUBIRI-GWANGE, VUKA BODA and YEGWE. His authentic Ugandan style with a mixture of Kenyan flavor has found a soft spot among his Kenyan fans that numerously show their support at performances. The musically talented Ronald Bwayo currently works as a volunteer at P.B.C where he serves diligently as their key sound man, D.J and missionary Artist. The church has sent Him to numerous destinations including Tot- Marakwet, Lokitaung, Lodwar, Marigat, Mbembani, Kitale, Kisumu, Gulu, Kampala, Moi girls High school Nairobi, Akiba school, Muguga High school and the list is endless. His theme and motivational verse in the bible is Galatians 2: 20. Needless to say, this charismatic and hard working young man has greatness in his near future.

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