Woman in Black


Woman in Black

She committed forgery and identify theft. Her letters to the elders were filled with false accusations and character assassination. Then came murder.

Jezebel’s worst crime was her first crime. she worshiped that bad god of the Bible, Baal, just like her daddy, King Ethbaal. Because of her idolatry, she encouraged her husband, Ahab, to turn his back on God as well.

My good friend today i wanna share with you something that hit me about this ‘different woman’ of scripture. You and i may not be queens and Kings of the realm, but we still wield power in our homes, our workplaces, our churches, and our social circles. This week on the Lyll Talk, i dug out some of Queen Jezebel’s good qualities, and how she (unfortunately) used them for Baal’s glory.

Jezebel had a finely tuned mind, but used it to devise evil schemes. Jezebel had boldness and courage, but used those attributes to commit murder. Jezebel had strong leadership abilities, but used them to take over the throne. Jezebel had an assertive personality, but used it to draw people away from God. Jezebel had a royal lineage, but used it to manipulate her subjects.

Now the question: how could those same attributes be used for God’s glory? Here’s my take.

A smart woman with a fine tuned mind who loves the Lord could study his Word and teach others. She could become a licensed counsellor and help others. She could become a medical doctor and heal others. There’s no limit to what a bright woman could do for God!

A bold, courageous sister who has given her heart to the Lord could rescue women from sex traders, offenders and traffickers. She could speak the truth in high places where others are afraid to do so. Think of all the doors this bold sister could kick open for God!

A natural leader who follows God could build a business using biblical principles. She could educate her peers and point them in the right direction. She could create a non-profit organisation that helps those in need. A woman in leadership can make a world of difference!

An assertive personality can be an asset when a woman wants to convince others that God’s way is the right way. Her conviction might give others confidence. Her fearlessness might empower those who tend to be afraid. Her positive straight talk might dispel all the negative self-talk. What a powerful servant an assertive woman can be!

A woman born into an influential family can be mightily used of God. When she talks, people are more likely to listen. When she proclaims the truth, others are prone to be persuaded. When she opens her check book, others will want to follow suit. When we’re born into power, prestige, or position, we have the opportunity to turn the spotlight on our Saviour.

How sad to think that Jezebel might have been a Deborah, an Esther. All the more reason for us to reach out to those strong women who seem least likely to be interested in the things of God. When their hearts are won, you just may never know how far they would be willing to go! You should listen to my song #TearDrops as i challenge you to go fish the kingdom a Jezebel and prayerfully with Gods hand help her turn into a Ruth!

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