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Roy-k Nsumulula singer marries kate

Absolutely buzzing with excitement for the ‘Couple of The Year’, my two beautiful friends Caity and Roy on their Wedding day today!! Super disappointed that I wont be there to witness the two love bi ...

157 views | 2015-08-01 11:12:14

urban Anglican churches no longer sing the beautif

Where did the hymns go So I woke up this Sunday morning and I thought I need to listen to some hymns but I thought I missed them. Back then, there used to be a play list of hymns on radio but have c ...

126 views | 2015-08-27 07:23:52

Whats dying out of today's churches

So I woke up this Sunday morning and I thought I need to listen to some hymns but I thought I missed them. Back then, there used to be a play list of hymns on radio but have changed with time. I come ...

1822 views | 2015-09-23 22:23:33

King Wesley Pours his heart for Natal

Close to 10yrs of me knowing the most amazing. Awesome. Beautiful. Loving. Crazy. Fun. Talented. Gifted. Free spirited God's master piece cr ...

2007 views | 2015-11-12 08:19:17

The rise of First Gospel Female Dj " Dj Hush"

When it comes to being a DJ,we all have a perspective that its something done by the male.But today we unveil to you the "First Female Gospel DJ in East Africa".

This previous Megamix which was ...

2372 views | 2015-11-30 09:57:07

Female gospel artist Rosebel confesses

Female gospel artist Rosebel confesses her love for King Wesley. In a personalised and intimate massage, the beautiful gospel artist on her recent post on Facebook she was calling upon everyone to v ...

1083 views | 2015-12-02 11:08:23


Ronnie Mcvex one of amazing stand-up comedians in town, is now feeling excitement in his fatherhood experience. Ronnie is one of the Fun Factory that does their comedy at national theater every Thu ...

934 views | 2016-02-22 10:08:50

4 Powerful Prayers to Protect Your Marriage from Divorce

Have you heard this phrase in your marriage?
“Your man doesn’t have what it takes.”
When you hear it, it sounds like your own voice and perhaps the voice of one of your parents. In the s ...

1416 views | 2016-03-02 04:27:58

What does the Bible say about beauty?

It's not controversial to say that our society is obsessed with appearance. In the Uganda alone, women spend approximately UGX 100,000 on beauty and cosmetic products throughout their lifetime. Every ...

1788 views | 2016-03-14 05:24:37

Uganda gospel artist who owns a clothing company turns to modelling.

Here is the Uganda gospel artist known as Sarah Musayimuto, she is based in Denmark where she owns a clothing company. She is so much proud of herself and all that she has achieved.


We recently had an interview with King Wesley on his birthday and here is how it went down.
1. Who is King Wesley?
King Wesley is a born again Christian living for Jesus. A king of r ...

2808 views | 2016-03-17 02:36:24

Does God break the laws of nature?

The scientist was adamant. "I don't believe in God, because I have never met anyone healed in answer to prayer". I was shocked. Not just because it seemed such a strange reason, but also because it w ...

2488 views | 2016-03-21 07:22:19

5 Signs Your Spouse Is Happily Married

Here are five signs that your spouse is happily married. Maybe you can add another sign.

They Feel Appreciated and Noticed

If your spouse receives appreciation for what t ...

1431 views | 2016-04-04 08:44:18

"you are my number one" says Katalina Mezu

The famous and beautiful artist known as Katalina Mezu of recent shared a lovely message to her number one model. Katalina is said to be one of the most beautiful respected ladies in the gospel indus ...

1455 views | 2016-04-13 06:16:21

How to embrace our flaws on social media and in real life

Have we ever been more self-conscious? It's almost impossible to log onto any form of social media and not see a selfie cropped or filtered to cast its author in the best possible light, complete wit ...

1844 views | 2016-05-09 03:38:11

How to answer people who say Christians are all hypocrites

While the Church is one of the greatest 'apologias' for the gospel, it is also often the weakest link. How many people say they cannot believe the gospel because they see those who say they believe a ...

1190 views | 2016-05-21 07:50:54

I call her the church girl who spoilt me.

TOP TV/FMJ presenter Paul Selah who crossed over to Revive the struggling WBS TV is one of the Christian presenter who have played a big role to promote gospel music. This time around according to h ...

1654 views | 2016-06-07 04:19:42

How your spouse can help you become a better Christ-follower

The wonderful pursuit of becoming like Christ in character is a pursuit that we Christians don't face alone – we face it with God. The Bible tells us that "He who began a good work in you will bring ...

457 views | 2016-07-09 07:03:53

Hip hop artist Lyll Mykk rebrands himself to Lyrical Mycheal

News reaching our desk indicate that the reknown gospel artist Lyll Mykk eventually decided to go more deeper in Christ starting with changing his stage name. The official document receieved state as ...

1395 views | 2016-07-19 20:46:47

Finally Bishop Mawa and Gospel Artist Hawa Musa Go Public

Earlier this year we broke the news that gospel artist Hawa Musa were an Item with one of Kampala's senior bachelor Bishop Mawa of commision International and when contacted the beautiful singer d ...

2564 views | 2016-07-26 16:17:55

As a young girl I watched a lot of TV, Olivia Ziwa explains

Olivia Ziwa is one of the most beautiful, famous and TV presenter award winner in the christian circles. Of recent we had one on one interview with her an ...

1455 views | 2016-08-25 11:08:45

Where to spend Uganda's independance day

This coming Sunday 9th October as Uganda will be celebrating its fifty forth (54th) independence and by the way I will also be celebrating my 21st Birthday yes, I share a birthday with Uganda I am t ...

694 views | 2016-10-08 05:55:53

MANY LOOK, FEW SEE - Apostle Yiga Francis

A sculptor works in a very interesting way. One thing I've learned is that you never argue with an artist until he's finished. Don't discuss anything with a painter or a sculptor until his work is co ...

1115 views | 2016-11-24 01:04:25

Here is what you didnt know about Joy Tendo

She is calm, down to earth to down beautiful with dimples. Am talking about Joy Tendo Mata, I happen to have a quick chit chat with her and this is what she has for all her fans who follow her. One ...

1584 views | 2017-01-09 06:29:58