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rushI was born in Uganda Mengo and we had it all, the money and the good sweet life but then dad got some problems. Money started reducing, so we shifted to a different place that was around primary one. 50cent R, Kelly and Eminem were the order of the day, then our house caught fire and we lost lots of stuff, we then had to shift to another place were the house wasnt completed, no electricity, no cement, no paint that was around primary seven. Thats when something really amazing happened, my brother Isaac, introduced me to gospel music something I had never heard of. The likes of Kirk Franklin and papa san were my best; Power Fm and University Fm (which no longer exists) were the stations I would listen to everyday. So I completely ditched secular from then onwards, slowly we got more gospel and I started getting into it. Thats when I really gave up my life to Christ though I loved him since i was born. On the other hand, life became really hard, school life was a hustle, little and sometimes no upkeep money, hustling to get tuition, that was around form one and thats when I realized I could write something with some friend of mine. We would bang desks while flowing, and we would write some stuff. I got really serious with music around form four but it was as it has always been books first. Throughout my life I have been hustling, sometimes guys at school would laugh at me and diss me cause I was broke I had nothing, so I would never fit in I would prefer being alone. Whenever i would tell guys am planning on doing gospel music, most would be likeaaahhh the few would urge me on. I started singing on stage in Katikamu SDA that was A-level mostly soft rock kind of music. I became an easy local celeb. By form six I was assured that music and not just any music, but gospel music should be my thing, I didnt hesitate. In my vacation, I had to look for a job in order to get money for recording then Isaac introduced me to Wordxclusive I love his beats, his production, and music. I got excited so I worked harder. I worked in a dry cleaner shop I hustled, sweated, cried at times and tried my best. So one day I decide to call Wordxclusive and talk business. Trust me that became the day I will never forget. This is how the chat went down, I asked him so Wordxclusive, how much will u be charging me? his replied, What, are you serious, cmon mayne am not gonna charge you anything bro, al be kickin em beats for free man so just come and we do some stuff Am sure yall know how it felt it was the most amazing thing ever. I run home I thought about it twice at once, I got really excited. In fact after that, I waited for my salary from my humbly, quite and tiresome drycleaner job I was doing. Thats when we started working on our projects. So whenever I say big ups to Wordxclusive, its not for just show off or something its deeper than that. Big ups to Wordxclusive, The Fame those guys rock. They have serious machines, beats, producers, video makers. Its just state of the art very humble guys, they dont feel themselves, coz its about Christ, and its not personal.

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